What To Do When An Attorney Contacts You On Behalf Of A Creditor

Most of the time, when we get a call from a creditor, we tend to let it go straight to voicemail, or we screen the call. That’s just a part of living with debt—it’s not a good way to go about it, but hey, we’re all human. It can be annoying, living with chronic debt and racking up phone calls from 800 numbers. But what do you do when an attorney contacts you on behalf of a credit calling to collect? 

Well, start by staying calm and collected. Just because an attorney is calling you about a collection doesn’t mean you should lose your call, ignore their phone calls, or chew them out when you do answer the phone. In fact, you should treat talking to an attorney who is trying to get a debt paid the way you could talk to someone issuing a parking ticket or someone who is interviewing you for a job. Don’t offer up too much information and be vigilant in knowing the facts about your credit and your case. 

If you are summoned to a court of law about your debts, it is your legal responsibility to go to a court of law and either dispute the charges or pay up in a lump sum. Lawsuits by credit card companies are a popular way to intimidate you into paying, but hold strong, especially if you believe the creditor is incorrect or pursuing the wrong amount or even the wrong person. 

Got questions about what to do when an attorney calls you on behalf of a creditor or lender? Talk to someone at Cain and Daniels today to learn more. 

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