Debt Settlement Options


Overwhelming debt is a major stressor for anyone affected by it and, because of this, anyone who can get out of it wants to as soon as possible. If the debt lingers for too long, the agencies to which the debt is owed will be stronger in their attempts to regain the money owed to them. At some point, many people pursue the route of debt settlement. This means that the individual in debt makes a deal with the crediting agencies to clear their debt without having to go to court over any owed money. This is an effective strategy for getting out of debt, but it is not for everyone in every situation.

While there are a number of debt settlement options available, it is important to remember that certain ones are best for only certain situations. Firstly, only those with unsecured debt are eligible for debt settlement. Unsecured debt is the more “intangible” kind, and includes student loans, regular loans, and credit card balance. Secured debt, on the other hand, is the kind involving physical items, such as a car or building, in the case of a mortgage. Even for people with both kinds of debt, settlement options can still be a good idea to at least eliminate one kind of debt and thereby relieve some stress.

Remember too that debt settlement is not the same thing as debt forgiveness. In settlement cases, there is still money to be paid back, but it is paid in a large lump sum, rather than in multiple smaller payments. It always takes some kind of negotiation, however, but crediting agencies are sometimes willing to settle because it would be less costly for them as well to take a smaller amount in repayment and avoid court costs and lawsuit fees.

Debt settlement is an effective way to resolve a person’s debt swiftly, but it is not for every situation. If you find that you have lots of the above forms of debt, then it may be something to consider. That being said, you never want to walk blindly into a debt settlement case and it is always a good idea to have advisors on your side to help you make the most of your settlement and find the best option for you. With the expertise of Cain and Daniels on your side, there is no doubt you can achieve a good settlement and get back to a debt-free life.

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