Thank you very much for helping me out on the two cases I had sent over to you.  I was getting nervous after it was in your hands but your group definitely handled everything “Top Notch.”  If it wasn’t for you guys my account would have been garnished and I would have never made my payroll and that would have been near $20,000.00.  I would have lost some employees and that would have all been on me.  The way you handled everything from top to bottom was great.  Not to mention you got me a payment schedule I can handle every month and now I just do my business and sleep alot better.  I probably should have called you back sooner and not ignored your calls, but that’s a habit I am working on, I guess I will not let things go that far again. Thanks again for all your help.

Tommy Boyle – Owner – Top Notch Tree Services – Ontario, Ca.

I own a small business in Minnesota and I want to offer this testimonial on behalf of Cain and Daniels and all the staff there. From your sales team, to your negotiator to your admin. Heather. You guys truly meet the word professional. I felt really good after my initial call from your case rep then it just moved really well. I know I was only one case to you guys and wasn’t that big $8,000.00 but I felt like you treated me like a big client.. Thank you for helping me and saving me almost half on my problem.

D. Patterson – President – Patterson Service Co. – Chicago, IL.,

I am very thankful for Cain and Daniels, inc. Max you were wonderful in guiding me to understand the benefit of a cash settlement on all my past dues, 2 Lawsuits and 2 judgments. I have saved over $87,000 on the 6 cases I had given to Cain and Daniels. Seriously that’s a lot of money, that’s all I can say! I wish I could send you a cheese steak.

Sandra and Richard T. – Ball Bearings Co. – Philadelphia, PA,

I was very impressed with the way Cain and Daniels team had handled my first two matters.   I had other things come up within 6 months and turned the next 4 situations over to them .   They batted 5 out of 6, but I could not do the 6th one because I had some financial issues at the time.  3 weeks later I called them and they finished the case.  They are 100% in my book.

Ron Weiss V.P. – IWT Services – Vancouver, Ca,

I received 3 calls in the same week from settlement companies. You all sounded similar. I choose to go with Cain and Daniels because the initial contact was very polite and understanding but very sure they could help me. The rep said they are very familiar with the attorney that was suing me and they have solid relationship from previous workouts. After reviewing your web site and looking at your experience in this field I was comfortable enough to test the waters with your company with my lawsuit and another problem I had. I guess experience does make a difference and you guys definitely proved it. 20 years is a long time. Thank you for settling both my problems, $27,000.00 is a lot of savings for a small business. If I ever run into a problem again I will contact you immediately. Thanks again for your help.

Stu B. – Market Street – San Francisco Calif.,

Thank you for all your help over the past 4 months with all my legal and financial issues.  I appreciate all your efforts and the savings you have put together for our company,  This has made a huge difference in our available cash to maintain our business.  I have calculated a savings for all of the cases you have done for us to exceed $115,000.00

Thank you very much, your friend,

Erich Johanson – President – Baltimore, MD,

At first I was skeptical because it sounded too good to be true,  But once I received the call from their negotiator that there was a settlement and he reviewed it with me my mind was at ease.  Then once I received the paperwork and sent the funds I knew it was a done deal.  In about a week in a half I received dismissal papers from the attorney who had filed the law suit and I knew then everything worked out perfect.

Ricardo P. – Car care specialist – Houston Texas,