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What Can I Expect to Pay for Court Costs if I Settle?

Depending on the state, or country you are in court fees with vary. Regardless of the specific amount involved per state due to settling in court as well as hiring a lawyer, this process is sure to heighten the debt margin you are up against.

Cain and Daniels has over 20 years experience settling debt out of court, which saves a great deal of time and money. We work directly with the creditor to reduce the amount of debt and make payments work for you to bring yourself out of debt and keep you business running. When you work with us you will obtain the details of your settlement before hiring us.

This means you will be comfortable agreeing to the terms and the amount and you can avoid all the complications, time and money that is involved with court hearings.

Hiring a lawyer can cost a couple thousand up front because most charge what is called a retainer fee. This holds them as your lawyer. Once the retainer is used up, which goes exceedingly fast you must then pay them more. Lawyers charge per hour and the hourly rate is never cheap. A defense lawyer can range anywhere from $150 per hour to upwards of $450 an hour.

From there you will have court filing fees, documentation fees and not to mention the absurd amount of hours you lost in personal or work time just to fill out paperwork, meet with lawyers, and be in and out of the courtroom to finally settle.

Rest assured that when you are working with Cain and Daniels you will stay out of court and get yourself back on track to being the successful, profitable business you’ve work so hard to achieve.

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